Apple releases iBooks 3, iBooks Author 2

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Apple releases iBooks 3, iBooks Author 2

Hours after announcing updates to iBooks and iBooks Author at Tuesday's iPad mini event, Apple has released iBooks 3 through the App Store and iBooks Author 2 through the Mac App Store.

iBooks 3 changes include:

  • The ability to see all iBookstore purchases in iCloud in iOS 6
  • Endless scrolling
  • Receive free updates to purchased books, including new chapters, corrections and other improvements
  • Look up definitions in German, Spanish, French, Japanese and Simplified Chinese in iOS6
  • Share book excerpts through Facebook, Twitter, Messages or Mail

iBooks Author 2 changes include:

  • The ability to create portrait-only books
  • Embed custom fonts into books
  • Additional interactivity with new scrolling sidebar and pop-over widgets
  • Support for mathematical expressions with equation editing using LaTeX and MathML notation
  • Automatic media optimization for iPad
  • Improved support for embedded audio
  • Improved publishing workflow, including automatic book samples and pre-publish checking
  • Additional templates
  • Version numbering
  • Retina display enhancing for the new MacBook Pros
  • Other performance and usability improvements
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