LotRO lotteries return with better odds

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|10.24.12

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LotRO lotteries return with better odds
LotRO lotteries returning with better odds
Everyone likes free stuff, which is why the Lord of the Rings Online lottery system has an ardent following. While the system's been offline for a while now, Turbine just announced that it is bringing the lottos back starting tomorrow.

It won't just be the same lotteries your dad used to scratch, either. The team's made a few upgrades to the system, mostly in response to the expansion and increase of the level cap. There are two new regular lotteries as well as smaller brackets, which means that the odds of winning a prize will go up across the board for all players.

Players can enter the lottery through the website. Turbine's also updated the official lottery FAQ with all of the new information.

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