n-Space co-founder: Heroes of Ruin sales disappoint

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n-Space co-founder: Heroes of Ruin sales disappoint
Developer n-Space was hoping to bring a dungeon-crawling audience to the 3DS with its ambitious Heroes of Ruin, released earlier this year on June 26. But that audience never showed up, according to co-founder Dan O'Leary. "We're not satisfied with the sales," he says in a recent interview. "The 3DS attach rate is... challenging at best and it seems that, for all its promise, Heroes of Ruin did not appeal to enough of the installed base."

O'Leary says the team is proud of its work and wouldn't mind returning to the genre, but also that sales likely won't justify a sequel anytime soon. Meanwhile n-Space is still hard at work, putting together the portable version of Skylanders Giants for Activision, as well as the 3DS version of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D. And O'Leary says the company has had Wii U development kits for a while, so there may be something brewing along that front in the future.
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