Striiv launches $70 Play pedometer to track your athletics without fatiguing your iOS device

Striiv Play

Following the recent launch of its iOS fitness app which proclaimed "no hardware required," Striiv has just announced new hardware for it anyway: the Striiv Play smart pedometer. But unlike the app alone, it lets you set off on your fitness adventures without toting an iDevice by doing the "heavy lifting of tracking activities" with up to a week of battery autonomy, then syncing up with the app using Bluetooth 4.0 later. From there, you'll be able compete with friends on Facebook, gain bragging rights by reaching milestones, play games that let you progress by working out more, and chart weight, calories and exercise progress. We tested Striiv's standalone pedometer awhile back, noting that the "insidiously" addictive games were a great motivator, and the company claims that 60 percent of users lost 13 pounds or more. So, if the little voice in your head isn't enough to egg you on, you can grab it now for $70 -- the PR and video after the break will tell you the rest.

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New Striiv Play Smart Pedometer Wirelessly Connects to Free iPhone App and is Available Now!

With Stair Tracking, Games, Challenges and Social Competition, the Sleek and Discrete Activity Tracker Adds Another Dimension to how People are Playing Hard to Get Fit

REDWOOD CITY, CA (October 30, 2012) – Striiv, the creators of products proven to motivate activity and inspire fitness, today launches its latest device: the Striiv Play Smart Pedometer. The small, wearable device wirelessly connects with the free Striiv iPhone app. Going beyond just tracking, Striiv Play has fitness-based games, personalized challenges, and social competitions designed to motivate people to be more active and help them reach fitness goals. The device also has a built-in altimeter that senses stairs climbed, making Striiv Play the most powerful device in its price range.

Striiv Play uses built-in Bluetooth 4.0 technology to link with an iPhone 4s or newer, iPod Touch (5th gen) or new iPad. The always-on, low energy wireless connection minimizes usage of the phone battery and lets people track their activity even when their iPhone isn't nearby. The Play's durable, nickel-plated clip securely fastens to a belt, pocket, bra or purse. Its ultra-bright OLED screen makes the display easily visible in day or nighttime conditions and shows steps, stairs distance, calories, activity minutes, time and trophies.

"Activity tracking is just the beginning in personal fitness technology," said Dave Wang, co-founder and CEO of Striiv. "Striiv Play, with the iPhone app, adds a highly accurate gaming and social experience that gets people more excited about being active. We want people to stop thinking about fitness like it's work and start enjoying it again – that way, they can make positive, permanent changes in their fitness habits."

Two weeks ago Striiv released a free stand-alone iPhone app to make its social motivation system accessible to everyone, including people that don't require the advanced tracking capabilities of the Striiv Smart Pedometer or Striiv Play. Early engagement results with the app have been overwhelmingly positive. On average, people interact with Striiv's first fitness-based game, Myland, 250% more than they check their charts. These early statistics show that fitness-based games are more engaging than just viewing progress on a chart.

The Striiv Play plus app is a new way to access Striiv's motivational features, which are already proven to make people crave activity. It helps people:

· Get fit with their iPhone, iPod Touch, or new iPad-Striiv Play was designed to give the best experience with the latest iPhones, iPod Touch, and iPad. It automatically syncs wirelessly over Bluetooth 4.0 with the free Striiv iPhone app. Since Striiv Play does all the heavy lifting of tracking activity, it minimizes iPhone battery usage. With a built-in rechargeable Lithium ION battery, Striiv Play keeps going on a single charge for a week on average.

· Measure all day activity, including Stairs-Striiv's proprietary TruMotion Technology makes it a leader in real-world accuracy. From a purse, backpack, pocket or belt loop, Striiv Play is always on and always measuring activity, whether it's walking, running, or climbing stairs.

· Reach and share milestones-share records and earn rewards by surpassing real-world milestones. Striiv awards bonus points and trophies for challenges like beating a friend's best record or taking enough stairs to reach the height of the Eiffel Tower.

· Compete with friends anywhere, anytime-use friends' achievements to inspire movement every day. Striiv Play shows you how you stack up against your friends on Facebook and awards bonus points (and bragging rights!) for beating them.

· Play games-in MyLand, the more a person moves, the more the enchanted island flourishes. Every step earns energy to grow plants, build structures, and attract new creatures.

· Count calories with MyFitnessPal-Striiv has partnered with MyFitnessPal, the calorie counter and diet tracker with the largest food database, to help track diet along with activity tracked with Striiv Play.

· Track Progress with Charts and Stats-Built-in charts and stats display steps and stairs taken, activity minutes, miles walked and calories burned for the last five days or by month.

· Track weight-Simple daily weight entry shows trends over time and helps users achieve short and long-term goals.

The new Play device is $69.95 and available at Best Buy stores nationwide,, Amazon, and See Striiv Play in action at

Striiv Play joins the family of Striiv products designed to motivate people to move more:

· The Striiv Smart Pedometer ($99.99)-all-in-one touch screen pedometer with motivational games and challenges built-in. It's a great way for those that don't have or regularly carry a smartphone to stay motivated to move more throughout the day.

· The Striiv iPhone app (free, compatible with iOS 5 and later devices)-activity tracking with motivational features including social competition with friends and family. Now the benefits of Striiv's motivational features are available right on a smartphone-no separate device required. It is perfect for someone that wants to take the first step towards being more active and is available from the Apple App Store at

To learn more about Striiv and its family of products please visit

About Striiv:

Based in Redwood City, Striiv is comprised of a team of world-class game designers, artists, and cutting-edge technologists. Founded in 2010, the company is focused on integrating seamless gaming mechanics across everyday life activities and experiences, especially those that need an infusion of fun to motivate and inspire, like exercise. Striiv aims to start a movement around movement by making activity an integrated part of everyday life.

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