Screen Grabs: Microsoft Surface goes to work on NCIS: LA

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Screen Grabs Microsoft Surface goes to work on NCIS LA

Just in case its dance moves weren't enough to move buyers, Microsoft's new slate is popping up in TV shows themselves, like tonight's episode of NCIS: LA. As seen in the clip, character Eric Beale confidently flips his Windows RT-powered Surface out (and naturally, makes use of its kickstand and Touch Cover -- gotta hit all the check boxes) to figure out what's going on and even multitasks with some simulated videoconferencing. All in all it's more realistic than when the other Microsoft Surface made a cameo in CSI: Miami (also included after the break), and is probably worth the promo fee by showing a use case enabled thanks to those features -- of course, with no cell access built-in, it's not immediately clear how he got online, but this is TV. So who did it better, tablet-style: this one, the PlayBook on White Collar, Cisco's ill-fated Cius on NCIS: LA last year or the iPad in Entourage?

[Thanks, Mitchell]