Disney's Wreck-It Ralph collection, Borderlands Legends out this week on iOS

Two big titles are set to hit the App Store this evening, along with the rest of the week's other big releases. Disney's Wreck-It Ralph movie is due in theaters on Nov. 2, and I can promise you, after getting to see it at an advance screening, it's really good. Pixar's John Lasseter is now in charge of all of Disney's animation, and his brilliant influence shows in the film.

To celebrate the release, Disney is putting out a set of minigames based on the fictional ones shown in the film. The company previously released Fix-It Felix, Jr. as an iOS title, with the villain of that game being the hero of the film. This new set includes an endless jumping title based on the sugary-sweet racing game Sugar Rush, as well as a dual-stick shooter based on the film's Hero's Duty. All three games are great, and especially when you get to see the film, you'll enjoy exploring the various universes in a different way. The Wreck-It Ralph set is 99 cents.

And Borderlands Legends has arrived already this week -- this is the Borderlands spinoff that was revealed just a little while ago. Unfortunately, it's unlike the actual console game, trading a deep first-person shooter for a relatively slow real-time strategy game. If you're a Borderlands fanatic, you might be interested to see it, because it reuses the game's assets in a completely different way. There's also some fun with the game's drag-to-attack strategy mode. But in general, it's pretty much a misfire, dodging most of Borderlands' strengths (including that great and addictive gunfighting action) in favor of a completely different genre. Borderlands Legends is available for $4.99 on iPhone or $6.99 on iPad.