Reading TUAW on your iPhone 5 or iPad (or, yes, even another tablet!)

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TUAW has had an iPhone/iPod touch compatible app for a long time. The development of the app is handled by our parent company AOL, not TUAW, so we don't have control over when the app is updated for things like the new iPhone 5 screen. Even more frustratingly, there is no iPad version of the TUAW app, and we don't know when one will be available. That's the bad news.

The good news is that we have a mobile version of our website. Actually, we have two: and, both of which work extremely well on both the iPhone 5 and the iPad. However the full site has also been optimized to work quite well on the iPad, and will allow you to quickly jump to the full version of the site at any time. Our older site, i.tuaw is a more stripped-down experience.

The easiest way to read TUAW on those devices is to add a shortcut to your home screen, which you can do with either of those two sites. I would recommend checking both of them out and seeing which one you prefer. They both offer exactly the same content as is found on our main site.

While these instructions may seem obvious to those of you who are familiar with iOS, we continue to get a lot of questions about it, so I decided to make a quick "how to" guide to illustrate the process.

Step One: Go to in your browser. It is important that you are on the main page of the site and not on any specific article.

Step Two: Tap on the "Share Button" next to the address bar, shown here:

Reading TUAW on your iPhone 5 or iPad or, yes, even another tablet!

That brings up a new menu. Look in the center where you see the TUAW logo over the words "Add to Home Screen":

Reading TUAW on your iPhone 5 or iPad or, yes, even another tablet!

Step Three: Tap the TUAW logo and you get an "Add to Home" prompt like this.

Reading TUAW on your iPhone 5 or iPad or, yes, even another tablet!

Step Four: Tap the "Add" button, and Safari hides itself to show your iPad or iPhone home screen:

Reading TUAW on your iPhone 5 or iPad or, yes, even another tablet!

Now, whenever you want to read TUAW, just tap that button and it launches Safari to load the mobile version of our website.

Here's one last feature of our mobile sites that you might like. Any time you are looking at a URL at, you can switch to the other version by tapping on the address bar and changing the "" to "" or "". So, for example:

I'm going to use my previous article, "Lingon and launchd can keep crucial apps always running" as an example:

That makes it easy to switch between versions. In fact, if I am going to save an article from TUAW to Pinboard or Instapaper, I will usually switch to the iPad-friendly version of the page first. I even made a very simple bookmarklet to help.

Bookmark this link -- iTUAW -- and use it anytime you are on a "" page and want to go to the "" version of the same page. (I don't actually know JavaScript; I pieced that together using Google, so there may be a better way to do this. It works for me in Safari.)

Native apps do have many benefits, but for reading websites, these kinds of shortcuts are a good solution.