Report: Checkpoint sues Marvelous AQL, claiming 'hostile takeover' plan

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JC Fletcher
November 1, 2012 9:30 AM
Report: Checkpoint sues Marvelous AQL, claiming 'hostile takeover' plan
Report Checkpoint sues Marvelous AQL, claiming 'hostile takeover' plan
Game studio Checkpoint has filed suit against Marvelous AQL, claiming that the Japanese publisher attempted to take over Checkpoint in an effort to avoid a $2.5 million payout. The suit names Marvelous, XSEED, a former Checkpoint employee, and others on breach of contract, theft of trade secrets, and more.

According to Gamasutra's summary of the case, Marvelous made a deal in 2011 through which it would pay $2.5 million in exchange for 35 percent of Checkpoint and two shipped games. Following the release of those two games, AviNation and Party Politics, the two companies planned a similar $2.5 million arrangement for two more games.

However, Checkpoint CEO Brian Wiklem alleged in the suit that chief technical officer Christopher Masterton, owner of 24 percent of Checkpoint, met with Marvelous to sell his own shares and give Marvelous control of the company without Wiklem's consent. Marvelous then hired Masterton and 14 other Checkpoint staffers to work at XSEED. Masterton is now technical lead.

Furthermore, the suit claims, the former Checkpoint staff are now using Checkpoint tech at XSEED, and Masterton refuses to hand over the logins for Checkpoint's Facebook page and other accounts. We've asked MAQL for comment.
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