Icarus Online G-Star trailer highlights aerial combat

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|11.08.12

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Icarus Online G-Star trailer highlights aerial combat
Icarus Online GStar trailer focuses on aerial combat
Last week we heard tell of Icarus Online, a new Korean import from WeMade Entertainment. The initial trailer clocked in at a rather cryptic 29 seconds, so today we're happy to see a longer foray into gameplay proper.

MMO Culture reports that one of Icarus' selling points is aerial combat, and the new G-Star 2012 vid reflects as much. Icarus Online is built on the CryEngine 3, and Steparu says that it features point-and-click combat on the ground and "non-targeting" combat in the skies. Head past the cut for the new trailer as well as a second video showing both ground-based combat and the game's UI.

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