Vagrant Story creator Matsuno leaves Level-5

Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy 12 creator no longer at Level 5

Yasumi Matsuno, creator of Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story, as well as Final Fantasy XII, has left his most recent job at Level-5 after just over a year. While at the company, Matsuno directed Crimson Shroud, one of the games in the 3DS Guild01 collection, which will be released separately as an eShop game this year in North America and Europe.

"I'd like to formally announce my departure from Level-5, effective last month," Matsuno announced via Twitter. "With my work done on the domestic and overseas version of my latest 3DSWare game, it was good timing for me to step down and take a short break in order to recharge for my next project. My deepest thanks to everyone at Level-5 and everyone playing our games for your continued support." When asked what he's doing next, Matsuno replied "Sorry, it's a secret ..."