Google Shopping spiffs up ahead of the holidays with Shortlists and 360-degree views

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Google is getting ready for the holiday season by adding a bevy of features to its premier shopping products. The company's web-based Shopping search tool has received a number of tweaks, including reviews from friends and discount tracking. The most visually arresting change is certainly the addition of 360-degree interactive images. Only a few retailers have uploaded the content so far, and primarily the products available are toys, but it's a nice way to get virtually up-close and personal with the new Furby. Our favorite feature though is Shortlists, a tool that lets you create Pinterest-like collections of products, take notes on them and, if you so wish, share that list with friends and family for a collaborative shopping experience. The painfully cheesy video after the break demoes how Shortlists can help a couple work together to pick a wedding gift for a friend. It's hardly Earth shattering, but it's definitely a well implemented tool and you're not limited to items found through Google Shopping. The only thing that strikes us as odd is it's reliance on Drive's contact sharing model, rather than Google+. Head on after the break to see it in action.

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