HTC requires more than 512MB of RAM for Jelly Bean updates, One V and Desire C to stay on ICS

HTC's reassured us in a freshly updated FAQ that the One X and One S will continue seeing Jelly Bean updates as soon as carrier testing is finished, and it's also given us some insight into how it decides which smartphones will get the Android 4.1 treatment. The word is mum on exactly which other phones will be graced with the flavor of Android in question and Sense 4+, but the firm is reviewing its 2012 handsets to determine which are eligible. Two phones that didn't make the cut are the One V and Desire C, since HTC generally requires devices to pack more than 512MB of RAM in order to receive Jelly Bean. As for smartphones released in 2011, they'll also be considered once this year's hardware is evaluated. Chou and Co. also noted that they plan to post "generic development ROMs" of Jelly Bean for the One X and One S to its developer website as soon as they're fully baked. For the full lowdown, hit the source link below.