PSA: Nexus 4 now available from T-Mobile for $200 on a two-year service agreement

PSA Nexus 4 now available from TMobile for $200 on a twoyear service agreement

Google Play opened the Nexus 4 floodgates yesterday, but today it's T-Mobile's turn. America's fourth largest carrier is officially offering Google's latest purebred smartphone for $200 on its Value and Classic plans with a two-year service agreement. If contracts aren't really your thing and wasting money is, you can purchase the phone outright for $500, a $150 markup on Google's asking price. As it stands the first LG-made Nexus handset will be available at select T-Mobile retail locations, so if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Of course, you could always order online directly from the carrier, but considering yesterday's turn of events, we suggest that you move quickly.