Primal Carnage adds free mode, map later this month

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Primal Carnage adds free mode, map later this month
Primal Carnage, the human v. dinosaur class-based shooter, will roar in with new content in late November. The game will add a new objective-based mode called "Get to the Chopper" and a new map. Publisher Reverb notes this is the "first of many planned game updates." There is also an alternative character skin pack planned for later this month, but that'll cost an unannounced arm and/or leg... maybe just a pinky.

"Our goal with Primal Carnage was to make the best dinosaur video game to date, and according to the reviews, we've done just that – but we are far from done," said lead designer Ashton Anderson of Lukewarm Media.

We noted in our review for Primal Carnage the game "could become a better beast with updates, but at launch it's missing some key elements and polish."%Gallery-170204%
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The Highest Reviewed Dinosaur Game of All-Time Reveals First DLC From a Long Content Roadmap for the Mind-Blowing Human vs. Dinosaur Rivalry

Twain Harte, CA – November 15, 2012 – While tens of thousands of gamers around the world are already enjoying the Human vs. Dinosaur frag-fest known as Primal Carnage, the cry for more content has not gone unnoticed. Answering the call, Reverb Publishing and Lukewarm Media are pleased to announce that Primal Carnage will be getting a slew of new content, the first of which is an all-new objective-based mode code named "Get to the Chopper" and a brand-new mode specific map. The first of many planned game updates, this 100% FREE content will introduce new modes and maps when it rears its head later this month.

In addition to all planned free game updates, Primal Carnage will periodically be releasing alternative character skin packs. The first will also arrive later this month in the form of five new skins, one for each of the playable Dinosaur classes.

Download the new Primal Carnage Dinosaur skin screens here and from

"Our goal with Primal Carnage was to make the best dinosaur video game to date, and according to the reviews, we've done just that – but we are FAR from done," said Ashton Anderson, lead designer and founder of Lukewarm Media. "Gamers are hungry for more content and today we reveal not only these character skin updates, but also 'Get to the Chopper', the first of several additional game modes that will be offered absolutely free to our players. Primal Carnage and its community are looking forward to solidifying our foothold as a stellar multiplayer experience unlike anything else on the market."

"Get to the Chopper" will be the first mode added to Primal Carnage, the premise of which is deceptively simple. The Human team must work together to make its way along a linear path to the chopper waiting for them at the other end. However, this is Primal Carnage so as always there is one rather large obstacle – Dinosaurs. The Dinosaur team must also work together to pick off the Human team one by one and prevent it from reaching the chopper extraction point. Who will emerge victorious in the tug of war between man and beast?

Primal Carnage is available now at Primal, Steam, GameStop, GamersGate, and Rain DG and is the highest-reviewed dinosaur title of all time. Dinosaurs take center stage in this class-based, online multiplayer shooter featuring fast-paced combat between a team of humans brave enough to stand toe-to-toe with hordes of some of the most vicious beasts ever to walk the face of the earth. Players can choose to take on both sides of the battle as either the Human class utilizing an arsenal of distinct and unique weaponry or inhabit the body of one of these menacing and powerful Dinosaurs intent on leaving a trail of blood and destruction in their wake.

Primal Carnage is a part of Reverb Publishing's growing roster of titles, which includes the massively-successful Dungeon Defenders, the recently launched Ravaged, Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken and Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, as well as the upcoming Edge of Space, Black Knight Sword, Sanctum 2 and much more. For more information on Reverb Publishing, please visit us at

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