The Nintendo Wii finally gets a YouTube app, now available in the US

The Nintendo Wii finally gets a YouTube app

Nintendo confirmed this summer that the Wii U would offer a YouTube app in addition to a number of other streaming video options, but it didn't have any news for existing Wii users at the time. That's now changed, though, with Google announcing today that it's finally made a YouTube app available for the original Wii after all these years. As you can see, it sports a suitably simple interface designed with the Wii Remote in mind, and it'll give you access to all the basic YouTube features you'd expect, including the channels you've subscribed to and other specialized sections. The app itself is also built using WebM, which Google says makes it the largest deployment of WebM video to date. Unfortunately, it's only available to Wii users in the US for the time being, but Google says it will be bringing the app to more countries in the "coming months."