Nintendo Wii U (finally) gets YouTube app, works on GamePad too

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Mat Smith
November 22nd, 2012
Nintendo Wii U (finally) gets YouTube app, works on GamePad too

If you managed to grab a Wii U ahead of today's festivities, you'll now be able to fall into carb-heavy slumber while watching your favorite YouTube hits. Users can browse through the GamePad but also beam the video content through to their big screen, all in a navigation setup resembling its predecessor's YouTube client, although shortcuts are now more visible along the left edge. Download the app for free, direct from your Wii U menu, starting today.

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Just for U: YouTube arrives on Wii U

The new YouTube app for Nintendo Wii U brings the YouTube videos and channels you love to your living room, and with the Wii U GamePad you can quickly search for great videos to watch. From the new Super Mario Bros to music videos, there's endless HD entertainment available to you on the YouTube app.

Nintendo's GamePad makes it fast and easy to find YouTube videos, with the GamePad touchscreen keyboard.

Take advantage of your big screen TV and enjoy YouTube HD videos in up to 1080p. When you're watching a video, you can also see all the video details on your GamePad.

Looking for something new to watch? Flip through your subscribed channels and categories like Gaming and Music.

The YouTube app for Nintendo Wii U is now available for free download from the Nintendo Wii U main menu.

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