Sharp's first 4K 32-inch IGZO LCD is destined for Japanese workstations

We've been waiting to enjoy the promised extra detail and low power consumption of IGZO-based LCD panels for a few years now, and they're finally starting to appear. The latest on the docket is Sharp's new PN-K321 monitor, built for professional use with 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160) plus HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, and what Sharp claims is the industry's thinnest frame at just 35mm thick. With an expected price of 450,000 yen or so (about $5,500 US) when it debuts in February 2013 it's still too pricey for our desks but if you're doing CAD work you may be able to design a budget it can fit into. We're seeing them in phones, tablets and now monitors overseas, here's hoping we'll see plenty of these high pixel density yet power-sipping panels with US release dates at CES in January.