Google Play store now accepting pre-orders for books, bibliophiles rejoice

Google's been kicking around the idea of pre-orders in its Play Store for a while, and now we know exactly how that'll pan out. You can now indulge in some pre-launch book ordering on the website as well as on Android devices -- the goodies are listed under the "New and Coming Soon" section. Take the plunge, and the dough will disappear from your account the moment the title's out, landing instantly in your online library and apps. Weirdly, however, if there's a change to the pricing or the release date, the order is cancelled, forcing you to virtually flash the plastic once more. Mountain View's been right on top of the game when it comes to releasing updates, enhancements and bug fixes around its ecosystem, mostly anyway -- and the latest addition might just tickle book shoppers more than some other ways we know of.