Mass Effect 3 initiates Operation: Detonator this weekend

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|11.30.12

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Mass Effect 3 initiates Operation: Detonator this weekend
Commander Shepard is relaxing on a beach somewhere with a Mai Tai and a copy of I Am Not Spock, but you poor saps are still out in the deep recesses of space, fighting the good fight against gross bugs and robots. Someday, dear marines. Someday.

Until the lot of you are finally loosed from the perpetual bondage of your galactic servitude, try and get some better equipment! This week's Mass Effect 3 multiplayer event is "Operation: Detonator," which tasks individual marines with earning 20,000 Biotic Explosion Points during a match, regardless of map or difficulty setting. Explosions must kill an enemy for the points to be registered, however successful extraction from the mission is not required.
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