WSJ: Sharp courting US firms for investments, will trade displays for dollars

Loans, cuts and mortgages -- Sharp is doing everything it can to meet its "profitable by 2014" pledge, and according to the Wall Street Journal, it's looking to US suitors to lend a hand. Sources close to the company say that it's offering a stake in Sharp to companies like Dell, Intel and Qualcomm in exchange for a capital investment. So far, all four companies have declined to comment, but investors would reportedly score easy access to Sharp displays, a deal that could be a boon for Dell's hardware division. The display outfit had originally hoped to bolster its bottom line by selling a capital stake to Hon Hai, but the deal fizzled in August. No official numbers have been announced, but the WSJ is being told that Sharp is hoping to take in ¥20 billion (about $240 million) from both Dell and Intel, and is negotiating a more meager investment with Qualcomm. With any luck, the international agreements will keep Sharp afloat long enough for its IGZO-based LCD panels to put some black ink in the firm's ledgers.