BookBook for iPhone 5 now shipping, rear camera hole and all (hands-on)

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.01.12

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It took a little longer than some of those other cases, but Twelve South's BookBook for iPhone 5 is now shipping en masse. Some of those who pre-ordered began receiving their units as early as last week, but if you missed that wave, there's no need to gesture for the panic button. The outfit's newest wallet / iPhone case is actually more than just a resized version of the prior one; indeed, it finally figured out how to add a rear camera hole without worry of flash echo, and there's a new snap-in mechanism that holds your phone in place. The clever exterior remains largely the same, and there's still room for your most important IDs and credit cards as you flip it open. We were pretty big fans of the prior build, but the addition of the camera hole makes this one a no-brainer for fans of the style. The gallery below is completely free to peruse -- those who hit the source link, however, will be asked to fork over $59.99 to get one of their own.

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