Verizon Selects brings targeted ads to VZ wireless customers, induces more holiday shopping

We've grown accustomed to the creepily context-aware ads in our Gmail inboxes and we've seen targeted ads come to game consoles and printers, so naturally, it's no surprise Verizon's bringing such advertising to its mobile customers. Called Verizon Selects, it's a program rolling out to some Big Red patrons, who, should they choose to opt in, will receive tailored offers and marketing messages on their phones.

It works by using myriad user info, including location, web browsing and mobile app usage data "to create specific insights" -- i.e. VZW figures out where you go and what you like in order to shoot you appropriate ads. In order to get folks with the program, Verizon will offer those who opt in a coupon or "some other form of reward," and the company is assuaging privacy fears by allowing users to control their privacy choices on the Verizon Selects website. What say you, dear readers -- will you be opting into Big Red's new mobile marketing scheme? Sound off in the comments below.