Challenge Modes could be coming to older dungeons

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Challenge Modes could be coming to older dungeons
Challenge Mode could be coming to older dungeons
Blizzard Community Manager Draztal posted on the forums today in response to a topic created about Challenge Modes.


Will you guys ever consider adding more CMs, perhaps old dungeons like Ragefire Chasm/Wailing Caverns?.

Actually, the developers would like to add Challenge Modes to existing dungeons from previous expansions. No timelines or anything, though, but it's definitely something they're considering.

This seems like a really exciting proposition, and the question is, what dungeons would be the best ones to redo? We discussed this at WoW Insider, very briefly, and one suggestion was Upper Blackrock Spire and Lower Blackrock Spire. My preference would likely not be anything that took place in Blackrock Mountain, just because it seems like such a samey place, but what do you all think, dear readers?

I would enjoy something like Zul'Farrak, as per the header image. I think it's necessary that the dungeons chosen for any Challenge Mode not have too many parts that are necessarily slow, such as cut-scenes or NPC roleplay. I think it would also be great to see sections of old raids, maybe short areas with trash and bosses, or just bosses, being turned into challenge modes. It would be a great way to move players back into old raids!

And thinking big here, moon-on-a-stick big, wouldn't it be great to have Challenge Modes available to lower-level characters? Of course, this would require a huge amount of work from Blizzard's side, as there would be massive balancing issues, but a girl can dream, right? What do you think?

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