Stands du jour: TwoHands & MonkeyDo iPad stands impress

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Stands du jour: TwoHands & MonkeyDo iPad stands impress

When it comes to iPad stands, there are more options out there in the market than you can shake a stick at. If you're just looking for utility, you needn't look farther than a used roll of duct tape. Ugly but it works. Today's market is about combining utility with beautiful design and I found a couple of items from Staples that are sure to please.

Of the two, the felix MonkeyDo is by far the cuter. Available from Staples for US$19.99 ($14.99 sale price until December 15), this is a stand that will fit the quirkiest aesthetics. Made of strong plastic, the stand fits classic iPads in landscape and portrait positions. (I tested with the iPad 1 and 2. I was unable to test with a mini.)

As adorable as the MonkeyDo is, you can't really see the cute monkey after inserting the iPad. Only its little toes and fingers show in practical use. So a lot of the kawaii goes away when the unit is used as designed.

In terms of fit, the portrait position worked a lot better than landscape for repeated removal and insertion. You really need to make your monkey streeeeeeeeetch to get the landscape iPad in place. In both orientations, the presentation was secure and the fingers did not interfere with the screen.

I found the MonkeyDo to be a cute, solid product; one I have no qualms recommending.

Stands du jour TwoHands & MonkeyDo iPad stands impress

I liked the MonkeyDo; I adored the Felix TwoHands. Retailing at $29.99 at Staples (and on sale for $14.99 until December 15), this stand works like a dream. Based on a springed hinge, you open the stand with a simple squeeze. It adapts to nearly every tablet you throw at it (I tested with iPads, Kindles and an iPhone), and it's so easy to use.

Its two arms have the same kind of cute hand detail used for the MonkeyDo, but with much sturdier plastic. They grasp a tablet at any height you choose, so you can set angles from super-shallow to completely upright. When not in use, the stand snaps shut, with a minimal profile that you can store away in your desk or even a super-generous pencil cup.

After a few days of use by myself and my family, I picked up the phone, confirmed that I could buy at my local Denver store at the online price and ran out and bought a few to keep.

Highly recommended.

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