Zink slips WiFi-enabled 'Print' printer into the FCC's database

Zink slips WiFienabled 'Print' printer into the FCC's database

Last time we heard from Zink, it was introducing some sort of digital camera in concert with Lady Gaga. Perhaps not-so-coincidentally, that was unveiled at CES earlier this year. If we're assuming a yearly refresh cycle, it looks as if the company is planning its next major product launch for CES 2013, judging by a report of a new piece of kit that just surfaced at the FCC today. Simply entitled "Print" (or "Happy Print," as the documentation occasionally states), the (presumed) printer will support 802.11b/g/n WiFi transfers, though there's a USB option for those who prefer the tethered route. We also get the feeling it can be powered via an included battery pack, enabling IRL Instagrams to be printed out right there on location. There's no user guide to speak of, so further functionality is apt to be kept under wraps until its official reveal. If we had to guess, we'd say that day is coming soon rather than later.