Verizon pushing Android 4.1 update to Samsung Galaxy S III tomorrow

Brad Molen
B. Molen|12.13.12

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Verizon pushing Android 4.1 update to Samsung Galaxy S III tomorrow

Verizon seems to be late to the update party, but Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will be pushed out to its version of the Samsung Galaxy S III "in phases" as an OTA update beginning December 14th. We knew it was coming in the very near future, but it's nice to have a specific date to look forward to. Don't be alarmed if the update doesn't show up right away; as we've seen with plenty of other OTA rollouts, it may take a while for it to reach every GS3 user on the network. Along with Jelly Bean, you can also expect to see support for global data roaming, mobile payments through Isis, some extra preloaded applications and miscellaneous enhancements across the board. Here's the interesting tidbit: Verizon's support page claims that the new upgrade is only 62MB in total size. This seems to be quite hard to believe, given the fact that Jelly Bean on other Galaxy S III variants has ranged in size from 275MB (Sprint) to 740MB (AT&T), but perhaps Big Red cooked up a little extra magic to make the long wait even more worthwhile.

Update: We just received word from Verizon that the support page is incorrect and that the update will be around 400MB. This makes it one of the larger updates, but still nowhere as hefty as AT&T's.

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