Alcatel's One Touch View with Windows Phone 7.8 somewhat teased in promo video

Alcatel's One Touch View with Windows Phone 78 teased in promo video

To say Alcatel just teased its Russia-bound One Touch View would be a mild overstatement, as most of the company's new promotional vid has a certain "Ricky" taking much of the precious screen time. Still, it's nice to get a slightly better look at the company's upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 handset, even if that means only seeing it make a full and very colorful appearance right towards the end of the ad. The rest of the video, meanwhile, doesn't exactly focus on the One Touch View's previously announced specs (4-inch, WVGA screen, 1GHz CPU, 5-megapixel camera, to mention a few) -- instead, it hints at how Ricky himself can easily keep up with his every-day things on Microsoft's tile-based, soon-to-be-here mobile OS, which isn't exactly a surprise in itself. We'll say no more, though -- you can enjoy the video yourself right after the break.