Winter holidays around the virtual world

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|12.14.12

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Winter holidays around the virtual world
Ho, ho, holy crap -- there are a lot of in-game events this time a year! It must be that people are in a celebrating mood or something. Well, we've survived a rocky and exciting 2012, and with any luck we'll make it through the apocalypse to open gifts and eat large dead animals with loved ones.

Getting around to all of your favorite in-game festivities can be a full-time job, especially if you don't know what's new and when the events are wrapping up. We've tried to help you out with our annual holiday guide, so pack a snowball and leap with us into the thick of the excitement!

Winter holidays around the virtual world 15
Guild Wars 2: Wintersday

Wintersday transitions into Guild Wars 2 as a toy-making Asuran travels to different cities with presents for good little girls and boys. There's a winter wonderland to explore, a bell choir to join, snowball fights to win, and oh yes, a new jumping puzzle. Don't forget to check out our Wintersday primer to help you through this event! (Available through January 3rd.)

Star Trek Online: Q's Winter Wonderland

Suit up for an expanded Winter Wonderland, as Q's fantasy planet now features a community gazebo, foot races, and snowball fights! There are new prizes at stake as well, including pets, outfits, and winter gift boxes. (Available through January 14th.)

RIFT: Fae Yule

Sled races, snowball fights, and Yule-themed Instant Adventures are all new offerings on the menu this year. There are plenty of tasty goodies to enjoy as well, including Yule decorations for the expansion's player housing system.

Guild Wars: Wintersday

If you're still hanging out in the original game, then you might be one of like six people partying it up for Wintersday! The "snowball fight of the gods" and other festival content should keep you entertained. (Available through January 2nd.)

Dark Age of Camelot
: Midwinter

It may be gloomy outside, but it's warm and cheery in Camelot! Jump in to do one of the many holiday quests and even help decorate a tree. (Available through January 7th.)

Winter holidays around the virtual world 15
EverQuest II: Frostfell

New this year for Frostfell is a gingerbread dungeon, tradable gifts, a spiffy holiday mount, and plenty of crafting books. Plus, y'know, there's all the stuff that normally comes with this long-running festival! (Available through January 10th.)

Dungeons and Dragons Online: Festivult

Start grabbing all of those festival coins from treasure chests because you won't want to miss out on spending them at the Festivult Jester! Additionally, the game will feature bonus loot and XP weekends for the hardcore dungeon runners. (Jester available through January 13th, bonus weekends available through January 1st.)

Spiral Knights: Winterfest Prize Box Extravaganza

Free holiday gifts are for the taking, as the game will give out two different types of prize boxes to anyone lucky enough to find them or get them as a bonus to store purchases. (Available through January 3rd.)

Allods Online
: Winter Magic

Father Winter and the Snow Maiden are back with plenty of quests and gifts for excitable boys and girls. It seems like there is a snowball fight mechanic and an emphasis on giving gifts as well as getting them. (Available through January 31st.)

Winter holidays around the virtual world
APB Reloaded: Christmas

Take on missions from the Elves in the hopes of snagging a snowball grenade launcher or several other fun holiday prizes. The studio's also giving out bonus gifts for purchases made in the cash shop.

Warhammer Online
: Keg End

The rowdy festival is back in the war-torn lands of this game, and players are invited to get drunk, boast about their exploits, and try to grab all of the special loot that they can. There are several cool rewards to earn, such as a party keg and a personal beer-toting servant. (Available through January 4th.)

EVE Online: Holiday Celebration

Yes, even internet spaceships can have snowball fights. Log in regularly to get prizes, including a snowball launcher "with a twist" and a mystery package that calls back to the game's rich history. (Available through December 27th.)

RuneScape: Xmas 2012

There's a smorgasbord of fun on tap for RuneScape players, including a free festive aura, Winter Weekends with bonuses to XP and drops, and a neat stray dog event later on in the month.

Winter holidays around the virtual world 15
TERA: Santa's Slay

Don't stop to gawk at the holiday decorations; there's killing to be done! Hunt down all the Santas you can find, kill them, and loot their bodies for special seasonal rewards. Sure, this will put you on the naughty list, but you were already there, right? (Available through January 2nd.)

DC Universe Online
: Season's Greedings

The villain Larfleeze is trying to snatch every power ring he can, and it's up to you (and a hundred thousand or so friends) to stop him. Not only does this battle promise to be epic, but there are some awfully goofy costumes to get out of all of this!

Pocket Legends
: Winterfest

Even mobile MMOs can party it up this season! New vanity item drops and store offerings are all part of the glory of Winterfest.

Star Legends
: Winterfest

The Galactic Welfare Society is under attack from The Screwj. Can the heroes of Star Legends save the holiday season for Aliens and Humans alike? Players can join the fun and experience snow, Santa hats, new loot, and reindeer.

SOE: 12 Days of Holidays

SOE's throwing special daily promotions in each of its titles, so be sure to check in each day to see what's free or on sale!

Winter holidays around the virtual world
Lord of the Rings Online: Yule Festival

Winter-home is once again open for business, as the snowy town expands its daily quest offerings. There are plenty of new reward tiers in the offering, with a holiday-themed war-steed as the big prize!

World of Warcraft
: Feast of Winter Veil

One of the game's longest running holidays will return with its usual metric ton of activities, decorations, and free gifts. Don't forget to save Metzen, go caroling, and capture the Greench! (Available through January 2nd.)

Age of Conan
: A Bloody Solstice

Count on Conan to give us a celebration coated in blood and gore! There are new items and old quests to check out, of course, but those with a slightly softer side will want to grab the arctic hare pet. Bunnies! (Available through January 7th.)

Aion: Solorius Season

Kill the Granker King, capture Grankers, and stock up on Solorius Coins to buy one of many awesome holiday gifts! (Available through January 2nd.)

Final Fantasy XI: Starlight Celebration

Minigames and music are the centerpieces of this holiday event! Win plenty of prizes for your Mog house or to dress up all Santa-y. (Available through December 31st.)

Don't see your game's special holiday listed here? Fret not; we'll be adding to this list all during the season. If you spot something we missed, feel free to mention it (with a link!) in the comments.
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