Ceton brings major Echo WMC Extender update out of beta, fixes 1080i and more

We've been eagerly tracking Ceton's Echo Windows Media Center Extender since its debut at CES, however as we noted in our review, at launch its appeal was held back by some bugs. The team over there responded to the issues by extending the warranty and return period, and today announced that a patch fixing our biggest issue -- 1080i video playback -- is available to all users. We've been checking out the update in beta and can confirm it works (check out this week's Engadget HD Podcast for more details), and also brings other changes. Those include a new native resolution mode if you'd rather let your TV or other device do the video processing, fully functional Echo settings webpage plus fixes for aspect ratios, color space, green screen issues and much more. Owners can get all the info and find out how to grab the update at the source link -- if you'd like to be in the beta group (no new info on that Android update, yet), you can join just by choosing it in settings.