Legendary Wars updated to version 2.0

Legendary Wars is a favorite around here. It's an app put together by developer Orian Livnat and his team, and while he's gone on to work on some other projects, Legendary Wars is still a great example of some talented developers just polishing a great, original idea until it shines.

And now the app shines even brighter: Just in time for the holidays, Livnat and his developers have updated the app for version 2.0, which he tells TUAW "almost doubled the size of the game." There's now a whole new campaign to play through, with more units, more monsters, more gear to earn, more bosses, and even some new hidden gameplay placed in the current campaign. Liv Games has been very generous with this game in the past, and this release is no exception: All of this new content is available for free to current owners of the app, and you can grab the whole thing for just $1.99 (or $.99 for an SD version).

Legendary Wars is a great game, and it's really amazing to see this kind of support put in so far after release. If you've made the mistake of not getting this one and playing it yet, time to fix that right now.