Horrify enemies with hordes of angry spiders

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|12.19.12

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Horrify enemies with hordes of angry spiders
Horrify enemies with hordes of angry spiders
I guess if there is one good way to take an enemy down, you can't really argue the fun of simply disgusting them to death. I hate spiders -- the spiders in Warcraft vary from fuzzy and vaguely non-threatening to full-out spindly-legged menaces that I keenly wish I could stomp underfoot without a second thought. So when I heard about this interesting toy hiding the in Krasarang Wilds, I had to decide whether it was really worth it to pick it up, or whether I should simply leave it be.

But there's something to be said about suddenly having the ability to summon a horde of angry spiders on your enemies out of the blue. Sure, they're disgusting, they're creepy, they're crawly, and terrifying in the most primal of fashions, but the ability to unleash them on unsuspecting foes is pretty cool. So how do you go about getting a horde of angry baby spiders?

By picking up an egg sac from their much angrier mother, of course. Ick!

You'll want to head to Krasarang Wilds for this particular item, called Feverbite Egg Sac. It's exactly what it sounds like -- the egg sac of a spider named Feverbite. However, in order to get the egg sac, you've got a little work cut out for you. Feverbite spawns in the Krasrang Wilds at coordinates 18,45. She won't be there when you arrive, unless someone else was working at making her appear. But you will find a cobweb-coated copse of trees with dozens and dozens of creepy little Feverbite Hatchlings running around.

So how do you force mama to make an appearance? By killing her precious little babies, of course. Horrify enemies with hordes of angry spidersThe hatchlings have very little health, so just run around the trees and spam AoE attacks to mow them down. You'll have to kill a lot of these things to make Feverbite spawn, so just concentrate on clearing out the area. Eventually, Feverbite will make an appearance atop a small hill in the center of the clearing, at which point you can either fight her, or get thoroughly creeped out and run away. Up to you!

Feverbite is a level 87 elite mob. She's incredibly easy to solo, but she does have one trick -- she'll summon a gigantic swarm of her hatchlings while you're fighting. These are the same hatchlings you were just killing in one hit, so you can simply AoE them down and concentrate on murdering their mother. Once killed, Feverbite will drop her egg sac, suitable for terrifying any unsavory individuals you encounter.

Note that this item is not a trinket, so you don't need to equip it to use it. However, much like the other fun items scattered around Pandaria, it only has three charges. If you run out, you can always duck back into the forests and murder some spiders to fetch another one. While the Feverbite Egg Sac isn't a cosmetic item like others you can find around Pandaria, it's still certain to be a conversation piece. Even if that conversation is limited to "Aaaaugh get it off me!"

... well at least they're saying something, right?

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