Ouya gets 10 more potential games following 10 days of dev console giveaways

Ouya gets 10 more games following 10 days of dev console giveaways

Ouya's game lineup is growing in leaps and bounds in the run up to next March's consumer launch of the Kickstarter-funded Android-powered game console, and developers are just about to start receiving pre-launch dev units. 10 lucky new developers just got added to the list of those receiving dev units, and even better: all 10 are getting the unit for free (an $800 value), after having been chosen by the company across 10 days of giveaways on Twitter. Another Kickstarter success story, Fist of Awesome, was the first game picked, and the contest closed out this morning with Starbound winning the final giveaway. Developers should receive their consoles in the coming weeks alongside dev console pre-orders -- the main, $99 console arrives in March 2013, and should you be able to wait, every one of them will also serve as development kits. The full list of new titles is just below -- and yes, one of the games does feature uppercutting bears as a main mechanic. Stop worrying.

  • Day 1: Fist of Awesome

  • Day 2: MechKnight Chronicles

  • Day 3: Syder Arcade

  • Day 4: KidElectro

  • Day 5: Space Runner

  • Day 6: Legend of Dungeon

  • Day 7: iMech Online

  • Day 8: DustyRevenge

  • Day 9: HolyShield!

  • Day 10: Starbound