Steam Holiday Sale begins; MMO deals make gamers fear for their wallets


All right gamers, it's time to make a choice: Either lock up your wallet and throw away the key or bust it out and prepare to blow some money because the Steam Holiday Sale is now on, and there are quite a few tasty MMO deals to be had. Steam's free-to-play category is particularly ripe for the picking: DC Universe Online's The Last Laugh DLC is currently 50% off (for $4.99 US), and Lord of the Rings Online's Steely Dawn Starter Pack is 50% (for $9.99 US).

On top of that, starter packs for virtually every F2P MMO under the sun are on sale as well. Tribes Ascend's raider and starter packs are 70% off, bringing them down to $4.49 and $5.99 US, respectively. If you're more the shooty type, Blacklight Retribution starter packs are 50% off for $9.99. If you're craving a more action-flavored fix, Rusty Hearts and Continent of the Ninth Seal starter packs are available for $4.99 US and $20.99 US, respectively. To browse all of the delicious sales (which include even more games such as Star Trek Online, Fallen Earth, and then some), just head on over to Steam's store page, or alternatively just boot up Steam and say a little prayer for your bank account.