Gangnam Style becomes first YouTube video to hit one billion views

Congratulations -- you've survived the end of the world! As you must have heard by now, the apocalypse warnings were absurd and your life is set to continue unchanged... or is it? PSY's Gangnam Style, which exhausted all entertainment value long before its popularity began spiraling out of control, has just become the first YouTube video in history to clock up a billion views (yes, you read that right... 1,000,000,000). We can only assume from this that the Mayans were right, and that the world is soon to descend into anarchy and chaos at the realization that PSY is basically the most important person in internet media, ever. We recommend locking your doors and prioritizing your perishables -- when you start hearing a faint hum in your head, and feel your wrists being drawn together against your will, you'll know its starting.