iOS 6 spike last weekend due to China, not Google Maps

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Earlier this week, mobile ad exchange company MoPub released a report showing a 26 percent increase in iOS 6 adoption over the weekend. The company attributed this jump to the launch of Google Maps. According to a TechCrunch report, rival mobile ad company Chitika claims it is China and not Google Maps that is responsible for this spike.

Mobile ad company Chitika says its data shows that iOS 6 impressions remained flat during the six days following the launch of Google Maps, which contradicts the report from MoPub. Chitika, though, only measures data in the US and Canada, while MoPub's ad network is global. MoPub includes numbers from China, which launched the iPhone 5 on December 17 and sold 2 million devices during its launch weekend. Chitika claims the spike recorded by MoPub is more likely due to the rollout of the iPhone 5 and other iOS devices over the weekend and not Google Maps.

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