Motorola reportedly engineering 'X phone' and 'X tablet' to rival iPhone and Galaxy devices

Motorola reportedly engineering 'X phone' to rival iPhone and Galaxy handsets

Remember that era where the original RAZR elevated Motorola's name in the mobile realm to god-like status? Evidently, folks in that inner circle are angling for that to happen once more. A breaking report from The Wall Street Journal has it on good authority that engineers at Moto are toiling on a so-called "X phone," which is obviously being built under the stewardship of Google. The goal? To produce a singular handset that can immediately rival the iPhone and Samsung's flagship Galaxy handsets.

It's unclear at the moment what exactly will make this guy such a marquee piece, but we are told that the effort is being headed up by former Google product manager Lior Ron. Reportedly, the company even went so far as to look into producing the phone with a bendable display and a ceramic-based exterior, but it's unlikely that those dreams will pan out. Strangely, there's no mention of whether the phone will slot into Google's Nexus range -- phones that run unadulterated editions of Android -- but it's made clear that an X tablet will be following the phone. At some point post-Apocalypse, obviously.