SMITE issues doomsday patch with Mayan god

SMITE issues doomsday patch

Everyone's hopping on board the (non-existent) apocalypse bandwagon, and SMITE may have the edge on irony. Today the MOBA has expanded to include the Mayan god Xbalanque as well as a host of new features and additions. These changes include special holiday skins, a jousting map and 1v1 queue, a themed "match of the day," changes to the conquest map, and an improved item store.

Hi-Rez Studios is participating in a 24-hour "post-apocalyptic" livestream charity event for Child's Play tomorrow, and our very own Patrick will be joining them to cover it.

Check out Xbalanque's reveal video after the jump, if only to figure out how to pronounce his name!

[Source: Hi-Rez press release]