Daily iPhone App: Doodley Moore lets you sketch over your favorite photos

Artists looking for a something different to do with their iPad should take a look at Doodley More from Codewalla. Doodley More is a basic sketching app that shakes things up by letting you draw on top of a picture or a live video feed.

Doodley More launches with a live camera view that lets you scan your surroundings until that perfect shot jumps out at you. Once you have everything lined up, you only have to tap the pause button to freeze that moment in time. A brush or pen tool is available for you to sketch over the image you just captured. An eraser will let you trim your sketches or remove any mistakes.

My artistic talent starts and ends with stick figures, but I was still able to enjoy Doodley Moore. I started a Where's Waldo style game with my kids by using the drawing tools to add stick figures to different parts of my photos. I would grab a shot of an everyday object and draw a stick figure somewhere in the picture. Sometimes I hid the stick figure in the background, other times I would draw something silly. My favorite creation was the stick figure swinging like tarzan underneath the kitchen table.

Doodley Moore is available for free from the iOS App Store.