LG wants the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 terminated, says it breaches viewing angle patents

Sharif Sakr
S. Sakr|12.28.12

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When Samsung came swinging with allegations of OLED patent infringements and corporate theft, LG promptly counter-sued. Samsung then escalated by broadening its list of patent complaints, forcing LG to do what any dignified electronics brawler would have to do: file for a retaliatory injunction against the "sale, manufacture and importation" of one of Sammy's products. The device at stake today is the unsuspecting Galaxy Note 10.1, which has no direct rival among LG's current product range but which is claimed to have breached three LG display patents concerning the improvement of viewing angles. For its part, Samsung is dismissing the attack as "unjustified" and doesn't seem overly concerned by LG's demand for damages -- nothing less than a billion won ($1 million) for each day the Note 10.1 continues to be made and sold.

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