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Apps to kickstart your New Year's resolutions


With the first day of the new year falling on a Sunday, it's a great day to organize whatever resolutions you've made. Here are a few apps to get started with.

Get more organized

I'm spending my day getting my tasks lined up in 2Do ($6.99), which is one of the most reasonably priced to-do apps; it not only looks nice but packs in a lot of features. We took a look at the app in October and were impressed with the intuitive interface. I keep it synced between my iPad and iPhone using Dropbox.

If you're looking to cut down on paperwork and implement a scan-to-cloud solution, you can invest in a Doxie Go for quick and painless scanning to the cloud service of your choice.

If you already have a scanner or multi-function printer but you'd like to move to cloud storage of your scans, give the $19.99 ScanDrop for the Mac a try. ScanDrop works with Evernote, Google Docs or OfficeDrop's cloud service, but scanned files can also be saved on Dropbox or whatever other cloud service you utilize.

You can check out our review from March into a fuller look at the service. If you want to give it a try without dropping $20, the company offers the free ScanDrop Lite allowing scanning of up to 15 pages.

When Evernote is your destination and you'd prefer a DIY solution, you can roll your own watched folder setup for Evernote (a feature the Windows Evernote client ships with, sad to say). Using that script as a Folder Action quickly uploads any scans or other compatible files via the Evernote Mac client.

Eating right and losing weight

We took a look at LIVESTRONG Calorie Tracker ($2.99) last year, which Steve Sande felt was the best all-around fitness app for keeping track of both food and exercise. For a free app, Lose It! is a perennial favorite and has added a number of features in the past year including barcode scanning.

For focusing just on exercise, there's Fitness HD for iPad, which is currently on sale for $.99 and is also recommended by Steve. Runkeeper also went free during the past year and received a major upgrade at the end of October, and it's the app I use to keep track of my exercise.

Steve has another new favorite: the Fitbit Ultra Wireless Tracker ($99.95) and the accompanying free Fitbit app. The device, which Steve reviewed here, clips onto clothing to track your activity during a day, and wirelessly logs that information. You can review the activity data at any time with the iPhone app or on the Fitbit website.

Create your own

Time to get a little meta: if you haven't made your list of things you'd like to change this year, there are apps available for creating and keeping track of your resolutions. Resolutions 2012 (free) allows you to create resolutions from a variety of categories, as well as create your own. You can broadcast your resolutions to the world via Facebook or Twitter and also set reminders to nudge you to actually stick with those resolutions. However, you can't delete the pre-set resolutions, and they're very generic. There are a number of apps in the same vein that let you jot your resolutions down on your iPhone.

Normally $3.99, the New Year Motivation 2012 app is marked down to $0.99 for the holidays. This app provides a month's worth of daily motivational reminders, helping you get on the the right track for the 12 months to come.

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