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Japanese hardware sales, December 19 - 25: Auld Lang Syne edition

Jordan Mallory

Out with the old and in with the new, you guys! It's 2012, and that means it's time to forget every single thing that happened in 2011 and make all of the same mistakes again. Remember how Donna from accounting was super offended by the unintentionally erotic flower arrangement you sent her during Secretary's Week? Well, get ready to do the same thing to Amy, Donna's replacement!

Also, be sure to remember that 2012 is a leap year, and as such each and every one of you will be allotted 24 whole extra hours to do whatever you want. Now, due to a shortage at Time & Stuff, there weren't enough extra days for everyone to have their own, so you'll all have to share February 29. Here's to one more trip around the sun!

3DS: 482,200 [UP] 114,509 (31.14%)
PSP: 101,121 [UP] 36,653 (56.85%)
Wii: 91,176 [UP] 30,260 (49.67%)
PS3: 75,943 [UP] 10,824 (16.62%)
Vita: 72,479 [DOWN] 252,380 (77.69%)
DSi LL: 8,470 [UP] 2,870 (51.25%)
DSi: 5,894 [UP] 5,894 (67.30%)
Xbox 360: 4,245 [UP] 4,245 (18.44%)
PS2: 1,582 [UP] 182 (13.00%)
DS Lite: 32 [NO CHANGE]

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