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Steam has that game you didn't buy during the Holiday Sale on sale again


The final day of the Steam Holiday Sale has embraced us, our families and the sad pile of change left in our gift funds. Today is "Encore Day," where Steam offers the biggest deals of the entire sale one more time, including Skyrim at 33 percent off, Bastion at 66 percent off, Batman: Arkham City at 50 percent off, and tons more.

This is really a very clever strategy. Face it -- you've been haunted by that one game you resisted buying over the past week; that one time you said, "No, Steam, this is my money!" has been burned into your psyche as you imagine the joy you could have had at a reasonable price during these cold winter months. And now it's back. You have a second chance to own that game. Go. Go, and be at peace with your Steam Sale. You are forgiven.

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