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Polls re-opened for voting: Best iPad productivity app of 2011


There's a saying that "to err is human -- to really screw up, you need a computer." Well, put a human and a computer together and you're likely to have a real problem. Sure enough, nobody caught the fact that we left the voting poll off of the post for the Best iPad productivity app of 2011, so we ended up with zero votes except for those that were sent to us as comments.

To be fair, we're re-opening the polls. Here's the text from the post the other day describing the nominees:

TUAW is asking for your votes for the best iPad productivity app of 2011. This category pulled in the largest number of nominations so far in the Best of 2011, with two apps surprising the staff here at TUAW with the number of nominations they grabbed -- "Universal Translator" app Communilator Pro (US$2.99, also available in a free version) and Virtual Office Pro ($4.99).

The other nominees are:

Pocket Informant HD ($14.99)
OmniFocus for iPad ($39.99)
GoodReader for iPad ($4.99)

You have a couple of days to vote, and the winners will be announced on January 4, 2012. Let the voting begin!


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