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Rumor: Apple media event slated for January?


On this slow-start Monday (the official observance of the New Year's Day holiday in the US, in case you were wondering why everything was moving like molasses), we have AllThingsD's Kara Swisher to thank for a neat tidbit of possible Apple news. The Dow Jones site is reporting that Apple is planning a media-related event in New York City this month.

What would this "not large-scale" but still supposedly important event be? It's not about the next iPad revision, say ATD's sources, nor is it likely to be the hypothetical full-featured, large screen Apple TV announcement -- although Apple SVP Eddy "Mr. iTunes" Cue is part of the event team.

It could be a partnership with a content company, similar to the News Corp/The Daily launch event. It could be a product announcement regarding live-TV streaming moving onto iTunes and the existing Apple TV, with happy network folk standing beside Tim Cook. Or, since we are getting into the Jetsons era, maybe Apple is introducing the Mr. Fusion. One thing's for sure, it's not a thermostat. At least, probably not.

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