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SWTOR UK sales take a dive

Jef Reahard

Just when you thought we couldn't have any more Star Wars: The Old Republic articles (because three out of 15 per day is a lot, amirite?), here's one more for your reading pleasure.

MMOCrunch has sussed out what appears to be a decent-sized drop in TOR's UK sales numbers. According to Chart-Track, BioWare's new MMO fell from the number 10 spot to number 38 in its second week on the market. MMOCrunch speculates that the drop-off in post-holiday shopping is the primary culprit, and we've also yet to see a true advertising blitz like we've seen for games like RIFT and World of Warcraft.

What do you think, Massively folk? Is trouble brewing in a galaxy far, far away, or is it far too early to tell?

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