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Tritton's latest Bluetooth headset lands at the FCC, hopes to find refuge with PS3 owners

Joe Pollicino

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No, that isn't some robotic fingernail -- it's MadCatz / Tritton's latest Bluetooth headset, which has just made its way through the FCC's underground bunker. Geared for audio chat on the PS3, the "Wireless Headset featuring Bluetooth technology," as it's not-so-creatively dubbed, is the apparent successor to the company's late AX Micro. A quick perusal of its manual confirms that aside from the science fiction-eqsue looks, the unit is essentially an average Bluetooth earpiece. Over the past few months, Tritton's been heavily catering to the Xbox 360 crowd with a smattering of officially licensed gaming headsets, so it's a pleasant surprise to see that Blu-ray spinning gamers are still getting a some love. Is this a taste of what's to come from MadCatz at this year's CES? You can be sure we'll find out once we hit the show floor in the coming days, but for now, check out the gallery below for a better look.

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