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6.5 million downloads for Angry Birds on Christmas Day


Rovio says that it saw a whopping 6.5 million downloads of Angry Birds this past Christmas Day, which is just phenomenal, even for this overwhelmingly popular game. That number is very close to the number of iOS and Android devices activated overall, which means that most people who got an iPhone or other mobile device that runs Angry Birds over the holiday ran to download the game as quickly as they could.

I've heard this before. One of the creators of Doodle Jump told me a while ago that whenever Apple released a new device, that app saw jumps of approximately the same numbers in downloads. Angry Birds is obviously quite a phenomenon, and it's so synonymous with the mobile experience that apparently the only limit on it out there is simply how many mobile devices manufacturers can sell.

Rovio also says there's more coming in 2012. We'd hope for Rovio to get back to actually making mobile games not about Angry Birds (the company made more than 30 before Angry Birds hit), but given its popularity, we'll probably still see these frustrated avians even more in the future.

[via Joystiq]

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