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Brad McQuaid reminisces about the birth of EverQuest

Eliot Lefebvre

Maybe you're a big fan of EverQuest. Maybe you were at one point, but your ardor has cooled. Maybe you never liked it. Whatever your opinion on the game, you can't deny that it had a massive impact on the face of MMOs as a whole. In a new interview, Brad McQuaid talks about the genesis of EverQuest through development and what the game looked like from the other side, before it was a known fact that the game would be a success or even functional.

And yes, according to McQuaid, there were several points at which the team was worried that the game wouldn't work at all. Between the issues of 3-D performance and network issues, it was far from a certainty that the game could be played and enjoyed by a large enough number of people. The difficulty level of the game wasn't on the list of worries -- from the design team's perspective, that was half of the enjoyment of the game. Read the full interview for more anecdotes and opinions about the early development of one of the first big MMO successes.

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