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SCEE QA holds up Trine 2 launch in Europe


For us in North America, Trine 2 is a real thing, a game we can download and play and everything. Our brothers and sisters in gaming abroad have been denied Frozenbyte's sequel so far on PS3, thanks to a QA snafu at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Eurogamer reports.

"We are anxiously awaiting the European release ourselves!" exclaimed Frozenbyte's vice president Joel Kinnunen to Eurogamer. "We had both SCEA and SCEE versions ready at the same time and they are basically 100 percent the same (SCEA version already has all European languages, for example), so we are very disappointed we couldn't have a simultaneous launch. But it's out of our hands."

Right now, the game's in QA at SCEE with no release date in sight. Kinnunen says "hopefully we'll hear more soon," so when some news is conjured up, we'll be sure to let you all know.

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