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Star Fox 64 3D miniatures do the tiniest, most adorable barrel rolls


You know that shrink ray you've been working on in your attic, Rick Moranis style? Well, rather than a boring old shrunken human, how would you like to be a shrunken Fox McCloud? An upcoming series of miniatures, set to debut in Japan only for now, could let you finally live out that dream.

A new line of Star Fox 64 3D and Steel Diver figurines will be available starting this May, Siliconera reports. They're modeled after the Arwing, Landmaster tank and Blue Marine sub -- in the case of the Steel Diver figurines, it's a bunch of subs. Did you honestly expect something else? It's a submarine game, folks.

The figures will apparently cost 300 yen each ($3.90) when they hit store shelves, so start saving up your Japanese coins!

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